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Oh! Uh, hi there, I'm Sio/Shio Ogura (sorry my English isn't great), the e-gene holder of Oda Nobunaga and the primary shooter for DOGOO's Second Platoon!


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Chrollo watched in morbid fascination when the umber haired girl stood from a missile-like pod entrance that protruded sternly from the ground. It might be a vehicle just what he had thought—a very peculiar one and obviously a product of high technology. However, her monologue cut him from inspecting the pod mentally and averted his attention to the girl who apparently talking to someone who’s name was ‘Galileo’. Galileo for a name? He chuckled upon the thought of a enthusiastic parents who seemed to be fond of Galileo Galilei. He’s a great man, Chrollo read lot about him from the books he pilfered. 

And then she finally adjusted her attention to him by calling him a ‘weirdo’ with a static sound halting his assessment towards the equally puzzling girl. The obsidian optics narrowed mildly with a hint of mischievousness, his lips quirked into a perpetual smirk while watching the girl descend from the pod. "Oh? Who am I?" Chrollo asked, feigning innocently. "—Let’s just say I am only but mere passerby who happens to be entangled with this slithery and creeping mess."

Thus his gaze shifted away from the girl„sensing that something was coming forth and fished a couple of ballpoint pens from  his coat. And throw it adroitly to each one of the wriggling trio of creepies and hitting their foreheads with perfect accuracy. “—as for weapons. It seems you are right, unconventional weapons don’t work for them.” he added, answering the her earlier question while pointing at the three EIO’s writhing on the ground with Chrollo’s nen-imbued pen jutting like a sore thumb in their foreheads. 

He definitely missed his nen and those pens comes in handy—good thing that the nen he injected on his weapons with didn’t disappear after the Judgement Chain fiasco. The girl however, was different kind of rare. He watched how she shoots those incoming mines with decent precision using her unbelievably huge weapon, as he chose to admire it silently. 

With his current disposition, he can’t discern whether she’s from conjuration or emission type.. or was it nen for the first place?..yet the thoughts of having that kind of weapon for himself..was somehow..tempting and enthralling.

"You sure knows how to use that enormous weapon of yours.." he commented despite the girl’s seemingly lack of keenness because her attention was landlocked with the approaching enemies. 


"Okay, one question miss. What is DOGOO? yet his interest was deeply piqued after listening to the girl spout about those abomination with sheer vehemence despite crashing the wrong party where he’s not invited.

"Hn. Cheeky, aren’t we?" Of course he would just be some ‘random passerby’ who just so happened to be able to shoot pens like bullets. Effective or not, ordinary people didn’t just walk around disaster zones without even the slightest hint of panic. Unless they were either a) very capable or b) insane. This man didn’t strike her as outright crazy…but something told Sio to reign herself in for now.

"…You haven’t heard of us? Heh, guess we need to work on that…" Cautiously she lowered the gun, before it evaporated back into an AU ball. "DOGOO—that’s Defense Organization aGainst Outer Objects. Do you believe in aliens, mister? ‘Cause now would be a good time to start realizing that life exists more than just on our happy little planet, and sadly, they aren’t all just wanting to make a phone call home like E.T. No, these ‘Evolutionary Invasion Objects’, EIOs, their only goal is to evolve rapidly until they can wipe us out and take this planet for themselves. That’s what we’re fighting against—to wipe them out before they can do the same to us.”

Funny that given all the media coverage they’d received ever since the Taiwan incident, there would be people who didn’t know about DOGOO and the EIOs…but the sniper supposed there were always exceptions. “My gun is an AU weapon—Anti-Ultimate weapon—the only thing that’s effective against those bastards. And to utilize them fully, we must channel a soul from the past into these AU balls,” she tossed the grey sphere casually before catching it, “and those whose genetic material contains the DNA of a particular person, an ‘e-gene holder’, will be able to unleash its full potential as a weapon unique to each holder.” It glowed for a bit before she brought out her machine gun, her very pride and joy.

"In my case, you may think of me as the reincarnation of Oda Nobunaga; and with his soul, I manifest a gun. My name is Nobunagun, the shooter of DOGOO’s Second Platoon. But as for you? Wanna humor me on just what some dude in a black trench coat who can fling pens like nobody’s business is doing in an evacuation zone?"


Couple random facts that I think may be helpful for RPers (until Masato-sensei himself says otherwise):

  • seems like Mahesh was the first to be recruited among all the 2nd Platoon
  • I’m not sure about Mahesh’s dark past…too much text I need to go through, but most likely something along the lines of being either discriminated against for who he was or who he refuses to uphold; remember, he is very un-like our image of Mahatma Gandhi, and so I’m gonna take a stab and guess that his country was not happy with him for turning out…not like Gandhi. I feel strongly that there is also likely some sort of falling-out with his family as well but not sure.
  • Jess was just a normal girl until she suffered a “Mikasa Ackerman” syndrome; that is, her parents were killed in front of her (or something, but they were murdered for sure) when she was 10 and in turn, she stomps the bad guy(s)? to death, which equates to her aggressive behavior on the field.
  • She’s aggressive and sadistic because she still can’t let go of that part of her as a child that was ripped away when her parents died; I think, she acts so strongly because deep down she’s still afraid of that moment, and so by physically stomping down she’s literally trying still to stomp that memory/those bad guys away.
  • Mahesh was bullied or ostracized as a child…but not sure about the reason. Possibly could be his e-gene, but that would mean he discovered his powers pretty early on. It’s also implied that the moment Jess’ parents were murdered and she snapped was when she ‘awakened’ so to speak, but it seems she did not join DOGOO for several years.
  • It might be that it was the first time Newton sort of peeked out but not fully, until later on. (Since in this doujin she joins after Mahesh).

But yeah ohmyjesus it’s equal parts sad and cute. Also loved how the artist decided to add their own headcanon as well because now I CAN ADD TO MY OWN.

The rest of the items were a Hunter x Vidocq novel, which sad to say, I am very unlikely to translate because text is really, really long and complicated and I don’t wish to trouble S-san when he’s busy. The Masato Hisa anthology in general…it’s a mix of art/comics/fanfiction of all his works, Area 51, Nobunagun, and Jabberwocky. I’m not sure why it’s R-18, because I didn’t see any hentai but it’s possible that some of the text may be. Possible, because one of the entries was a novel submitted by “Jhonny”, the same guy who wrote that really graphic AdamxSio novel on pixiv that obako-chan97 bravely translated for us. I didn’t see much Nobunagun in it tbh but I’ll post up the relevant ones.

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L to R: Mahesh x Jess doujin, Hunter x Vidocq novel, Masato Hisa Fanart anthology (R-18)

"S-So, it’s not like I was important to just you…or, anything like that…"

"S-So, it’s not like I was important to just you…or, anything like that…"

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The briefest hesitation would have resulted to a different and bloodier outcome if he have a plodding reflex of a normal person.  Like how remembering an easy question that has the hardest answer with exception of faith to lure the variables of radical notions into kinetic energy—into motion—and into executing the action itself.

Thus, seeing the macabre happening before his very eyes was too outlandish for his palate. With all  the gore, amputated limbs and cadavers scattered everywhere similar to what a trash would be. The ululating cries of panic and turmoil was deafening his ear drum while the stampeding people running, stumbling and stepping on each others to save their own ass from the unlikely extraterrestrial attack was lacking of finesse to his own standard.

It was flummoxing, despite seeing a similar scenario every time he orchestrated a heist likewise how he’d done for the havoc he wreaked for Uvo’s requiem. Therefore, to where and when the attack happens, he had no brief idea. This insect legged vertebrae started crawling from the ocean while the skies turned into an abstract canvass of sanguine and bluish with the strips of flaxen neon lights impaling the grounds with its treacherous streak. 

Neither way, he stopped thinking the outcome and fumbled for his Benz knife and couples of make-shift weapons to depend himself from these ghastly creatures. He managed to clobber eight of the slithering creeps to oblivion and pulverized another shy dozens using only what meager strength he has for his current nen-blockage. Until a shooting cannonade from the skies landed not so far from him and almost hit him with its outspreading impact. But the spider leader dodged gracefully before the magnitude hit him fully and shook his head in disbelief. “People..”

An umber haired girl clad in scanty black dress emerges from the tip of the of the missile-like vehicle from the skies. Complete with her oversized rifle adorned with labyrinthine of crated contraptions around the trigger and the stock.

"I guess I’m gatecrashing the party."

"Miss Nobunagun, please hold off for a bit—I think we’ve still got a few stragglers~su," The radio crackled to life just a tad too late, as only now did the sniper realize her shot had only been narrowly dodged by a person whom…

…Didn’t seem to be exactly in danger, now that she took a closer look.

"Copy that, Galileo. Though, I think I know who you’re talking about…" A man, quite tall and oddly dressed in a black trench coat with some sort of fur trim. Sure, it was kind of chilly here in Tokyo Bay, but to require fur? And that movement…surely, no ordinary human could move like that, let alone muster the strength to kill those creatures.

In fact…


"Hey, you there, the weirdo with that symbol on your forehead." She hopped down from the drop pod, though she didn’t sheath her gun. He didn’t strike her as a holder—from experience, most didn’t know anything about their e-genes until they were told. Not to mention, the weapons he wielded seemed to be little different from regular knives.

"…Who are you? Conventional weapons can’t harm EIOs…and yet you just took out a dozen." Cautiously she approached him, gun not aiming at him directly, but still, if he turned out to be a threat…

"In any case, if you’re not involved with DOGOO, you should get out; these creatures aren’t something to be trifled with." Aiming behind her, she took out a charging landmine without even looking back. Still, maybe he could potentially be an ally? God knows they were short enough on holders as is.

"Though, you picked one hell of a wrong party to crash, mister."

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