The shooter-class holder of the Second Platoon!

Oh! Uh, hi there, I'm Sio/Shio Ogura (sorry my English isn't great), the e-gene holder of Oda Nobunaga and the primary shooter for DOGOO's Second Platoon!


[This is an independent role-play blog featuring Sio Ogura, from the series "Nobunagun"; please read the Admin section for more logistics information.]


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The dream you have is written in ancient ink, like a prayer put to paper
But the things your small hands long for are no longer anywhere to be found
Nonetheless, you walk a path where beautiful things remain beautiful
And I get the feeling that’s something I want to protect


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//Warnings: mature sexual content, NSFW; please heed the tags.

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//I’m so sorry i don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore. I’m working too hard because now I’m dizzy as hell typing this. Im trying to get these projects done and ive been neglecting the rp side of tumblr way too much…

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perihcheesecake said: Actually; it is possible to get her hair pink. You just need to earn the hairdye after some minigames. :D

//It…is? I wasn’t aware that the Mii Maker built into the 3DS system has anything other than just making Miis…? Then again I pretty much never touch any of the default software, so maybe there’s something I haven’t unlocked yet.

//I got bored okay? Also character-creation systems are dangerous in the hands of a person like me…swear to god if I ever boot up Rock Band again ooh dear… (though admittedly I do not like the art style changes that came with Rock Band 3; it’s hard to make attractive guys IMHO).

Feel free to scan these in and have fun with them or whatever; I’d appreciate if you didn’t take credit for them though, else I’ll send Nobunagun after you with the Three Line Volley active.

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Yuki Kajiura,
Fate/Zero Original Soundtrack 2

[This day, and never again after that…]

//Continues directly after ‘confrontation/dogfight

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//I don’t actually have MSPaint, not here anyway, so you’ll have to be satisfied with Photoshop.

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"…" Was he really? In his mind he was just as protective of her as he was everyone else. Except maybe Vidocq. Maybe he was just showed it more with Galiko? Yeah, that was it. Grumpy big brother being seemingly more protective of the smallest. That was definitely it. 

"Anyone’s better than Vidocq. I don’t think he did, that bastard. Unless he did it when no-one else was watching to hide any embarrassment of showing that he has a heart."

"Poor Galiko-chan…" Well, at least Vidocq had acknowledged the girl’s nearly-sacrificing-her-life work when presenting the data…better than nothing, she supposed. She wondered just how long it would take before the younger holder realized that Vidocq was not the prince charming that she’d imagined him to be, and that there were others who cared more about her.

"At least she’s up and about now…though, it sucks that she still has a few more months to go before being fit for duty." Come to think of it, it’d been a while since any members of the Special Squad had been around, though partly it was because they only stayed aboard the C. Forrester, whereas she and the others were housed on the A. Logan.

"Heh, when she feels better, you guys should come up for a visit if you can! Maybe we can even have karaoke…"



"Hardly. The anatomist is just too busy with work to make some conversation with a warlord."

Oh really now? “Big talk, coming from someone who hardly ever fights. But you have some courage, I can see that in your demeanor.”

Oda Nobunaga didn’t care too much for those sciencey-types, but then again it was Hunter who had saved them in Stone Forest.

"Surely you felt some sort of thrill during that last battle…I seem to recall someone laughing gleefully, and then bragging about their 2,000+ kills afterwards?"

//Huh. Found this randomly while just googling, actually. It’s interesting that would have this, given that there is no section for Nobunagun (which is why I haven’t been posting there/going there for the past few months) 

It appears to just be a forum for OC roleplays within the Nobunagun universe, as well as just general chatting. So far I’ve only seen original characters, so I’m guessing it’s not really meant for the type of RP that I do here on Tumblr.

Anybody else know any more about it? Personally I think I would rather RP on tumblr just because of the image options and better layout for posts, but it’s nice to see what we’re not the only Nobunagun community out there. Per chance, if any of the OCs found there way here I’d be more than happy to interact with them :3